Club Piou-Piou 3 to 5 yrs

From 3 years of age, your child can start skiing in the jardin des neiges, a specially developed and dedicated area to make learning fun and games in a playground environment.

The instructors adapt their teaching methods to make skiing become natural and achieve the fundamental techniques.

The jardin des neiges enables your child to be more independent and advance beyond Club Piou Piou.


Assessment criteria

Introduction to skiing, first time skiing
I can recognise my ski equipment
I can move on flat ground and slide down the slope

I am less than 6 years of age and I have never skied before


Assessment criteria

I can control my speed in slid snowplow
I use my first ski lifts

I am less than 6 years old and I obtained my Pioupiou or my Blanchot


Assessment criteria

I can recognise my ski equipment
I can put on and take off my skis by myself
I can use the beginner ski lifts
I can control my speed and make turns
I can ski parellel and make stops using snowplough

I am less than 6 years of age and I have my Sifflote

Useful information

-For children aged from 3 to 5 yrs
-Children must arrive with their ski boots on, their skis and their helmet.
-Ski equipment is not included in our fees.
-Make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.
-A ski pass is not required. Children under the age of 5 are entitled to a free ski pass.
-Insurance is not included in the ski lessons.
-The meeting point for club Piou Piou is opposite the Alpette lift.

Prize Giving

Every Friday with Piou Piou in the snow garden, parents are invited 20 minutes before the end of the lesson to take a photo of their child next to Piou Piou.