Group Lessons for Adults from 13 yrs

Beginner or intermediate

Whatever your age or skiing level, benefit from group lessons to help you progress during the week.

The instructors at ESF will accompany you on your journey from beginner to off piste.


Assessment criteria

Aiming towards a basic turn, side-slipping at the end of the turn with skis parallel)
Straight line traversing
Traverse with side-slippingbr /> Aiming towards diagonal side-slipping

Classe 1

Assessment criteria

Refined basic turn
Diagonal side-slip and uphill turn
Basic straight running
Step turns and skating step

"Progression ski pass (sold by ESF)
or Grand Domaine ski pass required"

Classe 2

Assessment criteria

Basic short and long turns
More advanced side-slipping
Basic straight running
Turns to handle all terrain and snow conditions

"Grand Domaine ski pass required"

Classe 3

Assessment criteria

Expert long and short turns
Expert side-slipping
Expert straight running
Specific turns for all snow and terrain conditions

"Grand Domaine ski pass required"

Group Lessons

Useful Information

-For beginners, at your initial lesson, the instructor will advise you which kind of ski pass you will need for your lessons, based on your progression.
-From Classe 1 to 3, the Grand Domaine ski pass is compulsory.
-Insurance and ski hire is not included.
-The lift pass is not included in the lesson price.
-Check out at least fifteen days before your arrival to benefit from family discounts.